3D Tour of a Villa in Ancient Pompeii

By combining traditional archaeology with 3D technology, researchers at Lund University in Sweden have managed to reconstruct a house in Pompeii to its original state before the volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius thousands of years ago. Unique video material has now been produced, showing their creation of a 3D model of an entire block of houses.

Among the buildings the project has uncovered and digitized on Insula V.1 are a bakery, a laundry, a tavern, three large private houses and some gardens, including one that had a running fountain at the time of the eruption. In layers of the dig site they found rare objects like three intact windows made from crystalline gypsum.

The house model they made is of the villa of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, a wealthy banker in Pompeii. Excavations show that the entrance to his large abode was paved with a black and white mosaic including the image of sleeping dog. The home also had many frescoes throughout, depicting mythological scenes. The house includes a chest where he stored his money and an altar memorializing an earthquake that occurred in the region 17 years before.

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